Budget Sound Bars

Budget sound barsSo, what is a budget sound bar? A budget sound bar is a device to help ramp up your home cinema audio, well, on a budget! We class budget soundbars for any price that is under $200. Normally a Soundbar could cost anywhere from $200 to up to $2000 for the higher end ranges and as a lot of households simply cannot afford such high prices, we thought we would point you in the right direction to find some bargain soundbars that will readily improve all your audio within the home, whether that is from your smartphone or Blu-Ray player.

One of the best budget soundbars currently on the market has the be the Samsung HW-J450 2.1 Sound Bar this slick sound bar is from the digital powerhouse Samsung. As it is from such a high profile brand, you would expect the price to be really high, and usually you would be correct, but the HW-J450 is one of the oldest models Samsung have brought out, therefore, you can pick up this model for around $150, and for the quality the soundbar brings, we think it is a real bargain for those on a tight shoestring budget. This particular soundbar can be placed either in front of a TV that is over 37 inches or placed on the wall with a bracket. As the subwoofer that comes with the device is wireless, you can place that anywhere within the same room without any sound compromise.

When we was looking for some great deals for Soundbars, we found a really great site called top soundbars, their reviews are very detailed, which gives great clear pictures of the soundbars. We bookmarked them to check out the latest ranges as they seem “on the ball” to any new soundbars that are hitting the market place. Here is their best budget soundbars.

3 reasons you should buy an MP3 player this year

Though you can listen to music on your smartphone, the demand for a dedicated music player still exists. An MP3 player can let you listen to music whenever you want to. Here are the main reasons you should buy an MP3 player.

Good for exercising

Some good music will help you to run that extra mile. MP3 players like iPod Shuffle and SanDisk Clim Jam have built-in clips which you can attach to your shirts or pants. You can place it in such a way that your headphone won’t get on the way. So, there is no risk of it falling while doing vigorous exercise. In the case of smartphones, there is no such clip so there is a chance that your smartphone may fall from your pocket.

Low cost

MP3 players are a lot cheaper than smartphones. So, even if your MP3 player falls on the ground accidentally, you won’t lose too much money.

Listen to lots of music

Having a dedicated music player like MP3 player gives you access to lots of music. You can download as many kinds of music as you want to.

If you download music often then MP3 player is the best thing to have. If you access music from iTunes, then you should buy iPod. For a more affordable music player, MP3 player is your best choice. iPod has some benefits over the MP3 player, but it is hoped that they will soon come up with something to compete with iPod in the market and provide users with all the functions they are now missing in MP3 player.

What are the advantages of iPod over an MP3 player?

iPod and MP3 players are both used for playing music. However, not many people know the difference between the two. In terms of functionality, iPod and MP3 players are same. iPod is, in fact, the most popular type of MP3 player. iPod is better than the MP3 player in certain ways. These are discussed below.

• iPod is very simple. Its seamless integration with the iTunes software makes it very popular. Also, the accessories of iPod are easily accessible in Wal-Mart.

• iTunes was the first online music store that signed with all the five major record labels of the time. It provided legal music downloads at a very low price. It is now the largest online music store and has more than six million tracks. This is what makes iPod so popular. Such option is not present in the MP3 player.

• Companies like Creative Labs, SanDisk, Microsoft, etc. manufacturers MP3 players. But they couldn’t make the software or sign deals with other music download sites to compete with iTunes.

• Music bought through iTunes can only be played on an iPod, and not on any MP3 players.

• Many manufacturers started producing accessories like microphones, wristbands, car stereo attachments, etc. to be used with iPod. These accessories are available in discount stores.

The best thing about iPod is its simplicity. It is appealing to users of all generations. iPod is much easier to use than MP3 players. That’s why many people prefer buying iPod over MP3 players.

Top 4 MP3 Players of 2016

MP3 has been in the market for a long time. They are handy and very popular. Most of us have it on our hands every day. There are lots of models, shape and size to choose from. Here are the best MP3 players available today.

Cowon Plenue 1

This is a premium player that has excellent quality and sound. It offers various file support that includes FLAC, DSD, etc. It comes with 128GB of memory standard and can be extended to 256GB. It can be used as USB DAC. You can get this for $699.99.

Astell & Kern AK Jr.

This outstanding MP3 player costs only $499.99. It offers great design and usability. There is dedicated volume dial and easy to use menu. It has great-sounding sonics can drive different types of headphones. You can put dedicated USB DACs in it. It is a great high-resolution music player at an affordable price.

Sony Walkman NWZ-ZX2

It is an excellent audio player that sounds well and looks good. It has Android operating system and onboard Wi-Fi system. So, you can load streaming apps onto the player. You can get good support from files including DSD. It costs $1198.00.


It is a wonderful portable music player that provides a distinctive look and great sound. The interface is nice and comfortable to use. A number of files can be played on this device. You can improve the sound quality significantly if you have headphones that are capable of being driven in balanced mode. It costs $339.99.

When shopping for MP3 players, you should consider the quality of your digital music collection. If the quality of music is good, then you don’t need to buy an expensive MP3 player. But if you are unsure about the quality of your music files then you should go for the upmarket MP3 players.